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Welcome to Parkview Green III

From August 6, 2022 till December 31, 2022

The Parkview Museum Beijing is pleased to introduce the contemporary art exhibition Welcome to Parkview Green III. As the third exhibition of the series The Parkview Collection, it features selected works of artists from China, Italy, Germany, US, UK, Russia, presenting artistic practices, living experiences, philosophical systems and social concerns from artists coming from similar generations but different cultural backgrounds.  

The exhibition Welcome to Parkview Green III, placing humanity as its core, proposes selected works spanning different media including painting, video, sculpture and immersive installation. The show provides the viewers with a large spectrum of interpretative paradigms to delve into the diverse and multifaceted narratives created by the artists to interpret and represent the relationship between space, nature and human beings. Blurring the boundaries between reality and imagination, the artists of this exhibition articulate binary oppositions between the realms of natural and artificial, illusionary and real, physical and mental, material and spiritual, rational and irrational.  

Artists keep their personal artistic language and practice imbued with their cultural specificity, yet they manage to elaborate translational narratives to explore the complexity of our existential experience and to convey universal messages about our relationship with the world around us. While being the platform of cultural exchange for Chinese and international artists, the exhibition also provides the audience with multiple paradigms to interpret and to grasp the intriguing narratives created by the artists.  

We invite all the art lovers to come and visit the exhibition and to appreciate the works of art through a multi-sensorial experience. By watching, listening, and speaking to engage in a dialogue with the artworks, we can awaken the perception of beauty while embracing art and, by extension, life. 

The Parkview Musuem Beijing
L10, Tower D, Parkview Green FangCaoDi,
No. 9 Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

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