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The latest global green technologies provide natural greenery and sunlight in international-standard A-grade office space for a warm, comfortable environment for office workers, ensuring that work is a healthy and vital experience.


Every detail is imbued with our environmental philosophy

Parkview Green was the first commercial project in China to be awarded LEED Platinum certification, and every detail is imbued with our environmental philosophy.

The development complex makes widespread use of highly translucent materials, and is equipped with a water conservation improvement system as well as an energy-efficient air-conditioning and temperature control system, enabling it to provide a high-quality office environment while also maximising energy savings.

In addition, its flexible and vibrant modular interior space design enables the adaptable and compatible decoration of office spaces, thus not only saving 10-15% on renovation costs, but also enabling interested tenants to save 30-40% on the costs of LEED CI certification, dramatically reducing the cost of office space use.


Comfortable, attractive office environment

Unlike traditional office towers, each of the towers at Parkview Green has a vestibule, open gardens and balconies, and the pedestrian bridges between the towers are integrated into a single entity so as to create a comfortable, attractive office environment.

With office space floors with a clear height of 2.9 meters and a room depth of 12 meters, office areas not only enjoy incoming natural light, but the building’s environmentally-friendly external covering also ensures that natural ventilation is maintained at continuous levels in work spaces, thus achieving MERV 11-standard indoor air quality.

In addition, independently ventilated smoking rooms, exclusive CEO washrooms, VIP elevators in all four towers, excellent sound insulation, and efficient, intelligent building management and caring quality services all ensure comfortable office areas for all tenants.


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