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Environmental protection concept to every detail

Parkview Green’s use of innovative environmental technologies and appropriate building materials results in energy usage approx. 50% lower than that for other buildings similar in size. Parkview Green thus became the first integrated commercial project to be awarded LEED Green Building Rating System Platinum certification.

Both internally and externally, Parkview Green applies its environmental protection concept to every detail, primarily in its external appearance, with its ETFE film roofing and transparent glass wall and steel frame structure providing unique levels of energy conservation and environmental protection, and combining to form an independent micro-climate and environment. This not only ensures that it is cool in summer and warm in winter, but also provides for optimised climate control system savings.

Internally, a stable internal micro-circulation system combined with the complex’s chilled water VAV systems and intelligent building management system (BMS) achieve energy usage savings of at least 60%, and as much as 80%. At the same time, its flexible, high-compatibility modular office design enables tenants to save 10-15% on renovation costs.

In addition, the development also features the widespread use of water-conservation systems, including not only electronic taps, water-saving sanitary ware, but also low-flow shower facilities; rain water is also filtered and recycled to provide green irrigation, thus improving water usage.