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Mysterious Voyage

From August 6, 2022 till September 18, 2022

Parkview Green Art is honored to present the exhibition Mysterious Voyage with works from Lv Zhe, Lu Lin, and Zhu Xinyu. They address and interpret the concept of journey and traveling, both literally and metaphorically, through a wide range of semantic and visual representations. 

The artists taking part in this project have embarked on a journey whose final destination might, in fact, be a non-place, a utopia, a simple territory of desire – and therefore beyond reach. Views are taken through a visual and emotional journey, where personal memories, individual emotions, collective feelings, and micro-narratives are reactivated through a complex system of visual metaphors, references, and symbols. 

Across the Rainbow,  Lv Zhe
Oil on canvas, 
160×110cm, 2022

Steal A Glance of the Silent Thunderstorm, Zhu Xinyu
Oil on linen, 
200×250cm, 2016

Net and Light,Lu Lin
Acrylic on canvas
150×120cm, 2022


2022.08.06 - 2022.09.18
Parkview Green Art
No.14, LG2-K Floor, B Tower, Parkview Green,
No. 9 Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China

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