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Everyone wants to have their own planet, where they can play whenever they want…

Everyone wants to be the child of the sky, as light as a cloud, whom they can become whoever they want…

Therefore, we built the Soft Planet, a paradise where the whole family could play together.

Soft Planet and its brands have always been committed to providing domestic parent-child families with high-quality and all-round innovative entertainment experience, satisfying diverse needs like children’s play, parent-child dinner, activities and parties.

Meadow Restaurant of Soft Planet meticulously sets up various rides for children to release nature, enjoy happiness, providing a good environment for children to socialize. Meanwhile, our professional dietitians carefully design healthy food to meet the needs of children’s growth and development, focus on increasing food aesthetics and fun, and promote “food education” on the organic integration of food culture and education concept. Here, the whole family can enjoy relax and have unforgettable moments.

Now, Soft Planet has come to you. We look forward to your joining our Planet Family.



Opening Hours:

10:00 - 22:00


+86 10 6880 1567