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The Artist's Voice

Opening Ceremony:
2018.04.15 15:00 / The Parkview Museum Beijing
Curator and artists will be present at the exhibition opening.
Please join them at the exhibition venue.
2018.04.15 - 2018.11.20
The Parkview Museum Beijing
L10, D Tower, Parkview Green FangCaoDi,
No. 9 Dongdaqiao Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, China (100020)
Opening Hours:
11:00 ~ 19:00, Every Monday to Friday
11:00 ~ 21:00, Every Saturday to Sunday
Free admission
Lóránd Hegyi
  • Former director of the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien
  • Former director of Le Musée d'art moderne de Saint-Etienne
Marina Abramović (b.1946, Serbia)
Roberto Barni (b.1939, Italy)
Davide Cantoni (b.1951, Italy)
Chun Sung-Myung (b.1971, Korea)
Gianni Dessì (b.1955, Italy)
Jan Fabre (b.1958, Belgium)
László Fehér (b.1953, Hungary)
Gloria Friedmann (b.1950, Germany)
Ugo Giletta (b.1957, Italy)
Paolo Grassino (b.1967, Italy)
Sandra Vásquez de la Horra (b.1967, Chile)
Šejla Kamerić (b.1976, Bosnia)
Liu Xiaodong (b.1963, China)
Urs Lüthi (b.1947, Swiss)
Motti Mizrachi (b.1946, Israel)
Muntean/Rosenblum (b.1962, Austria/Israel) Maurizio Nannucci (b.1939, Italy)
Hermann Nitsch (b.1938, Austria)
Luigi Ontani (1943, Italy)
Dennis Oppenheim (1938-2011, U.S.)
Michelangelo Pistoletto (b.1933, Italy)
Anne and Patrick Poirier (b.1942, France)
Qiu Anxiong (b.1972, China)
Arnulf Rainer (b.1929, Austria)
Miguel Angel Ríos (b.1943, Argentina)
Bernardi Roig (b.1965, Spain)
Barthélémy Toguo (b.1967, Cameroon)
Bill Viola (b.1951, U.S.)
Wang Luyan (b.1957, China)

About the Exhibition

The exhibition THE ARTIST’S VOICE will be held at The Parkview Museum Beijing from April 15, 2018. This exhibition presents more than forty artworks by 29 artists from seventeen countries.

The exhibition THE ARTIST’S VOICE explores the fascinating and somewhat disturbing complexity of the historical time we live in, through the interrogation of the narrative of contemporary art, through the questioning of the narrative capacity and the competence of contemporary art praxis.

This exhibition focuses on the capacity and competence of contemporary art to transfer essential messages and existential revelations about life, truth, historical visions, ethical values, anthropological constellations. In a historical period dominated by a sense of crisis, disillusionment, instability and disorientation, the artist has the power and the responsibility to send his messages about human perspectives, creating new connections between different fields and experiences and providing multiple systems of interpreting the complexity of contemporary reality.

The contemporary “speaking artist” – using the expression chosen by the great artists Gilbert & George while addressing the duty and competence of the artist – is ready to take responsibility to communicate the suggestive, sensual, effective visualization of their view on recent realities and to participate in making these realities more conscious, more clear, more evident.

In the process of selecting artworks in accordance with the theme and the subject matter of THE ARTIST’S VOICE, the autonomy of each work of art in relation to their use or misuse within the context of the thematic exhibition as a total work of art has been taken into account. A work of art does not serve as illustration, but rather generates meanings, creates new associations, and sensitizes our relation to the sphere of human experience it incorporates. THE ARTIST’S VOICE offers a complex, rich, deep, suggestive and perhaps somewhat disturbing, moving vision about the basic existential questioning of human orientation, through the power of the singular, unique, imaginary worlds created by the artists of our time.

About the Curator

Lóránd Hegyi, born in Budapest in 1954, is one of the foremost European curators and art historians.

He is the former director of Musée d'art moderne et contemporain de Saint-Etienne and the Museum Moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien and the founding director of Palazzo delle Arti di Napoli (PAN), a new center for contemporary art in Naples.

Hegyi is a respected art historian and art critic specialized in modern and contemporary art in Central and East Europe as well as in the Italian and French art scene. He curated several exhibitions for leading artists from Central and East Europe (such as Roman Opalka, Ilya Kabakov, Braco Dimitrievic, Marina Abramović, Zdenek Sykora, Karel Malich, László Fehér, Tamas Hencze, Hermann Nitsch, Günter Brus, Franz West, Lois Weinberger) as well as Italian and French artists (such as Michelangelo Pistoletto, Alighiero Boetti, Bertrand Lavier, Jean-Pierre Reynaud, Claude Viallat, Jean- Marc Bustamante and Anne and Patrick Poirier).

His exhibitions include: “The Coexistence of Art: Central European Contemporary Art” (Venice Biennale in 1993), "Abstract/Real - Reference: Malevich, Duchamp, Beuys" (Vienna, 1996), "The House, the Body, The Heart - Construction of Identities" (Vienna, 1999), "Concepts of Space" (Barcelona, 2002), "Solares: The Ideal City or the Optimism" (Valencia Biennial, 2003), "Settlements: Search for Possible Places" (Saint-Etienne, 2004), "Passage Europe: Art from Central and East Europe" (Saint-Etienne, 2004), “The Giving Person” (Napoli, 2004), “Micro Narratives” (Belgrade, Saint Etienne 2007), “Islands Never Found” (Saint Etienne, Geneva, Thessaloniki 2012), “Intriguing Uncertainty- Contemporary Drawings” (Saint-Etienne 2016).

Beside his curatorial activity, he wrote numerous books and articles about contemporary art and cultural criticism focusing on the social and political context of artistic praxis in Central and East Europe as well as on the anthropological discourse of contemporary art. His publications include: "New Sensibility - Change of Paradigm in Contemporary Art" (Magreto, Budapest 1993), "Roman Opalka's Places" (Prestel, Passau 2000), "The Courage to Be Alone - Re-inventing of Narratives in Contemporary Art" (Charta, Milano 2004), “Fragility of Narratives” (Skira, Milano 2008), “Central European Art” (Silvana, Milano 2011, “Contemporary Art on Show” (Silvana, Milano 2012), “Roman Opalka’s Universalism” (Aragno, Torino 2015), “Significant Uncertainty” (Hapax, Torino 2016).

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