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PRINCE was founded in the United States in 1970. With profound cultural genes of golf, it endowed "elegant strength" with a comprehensive brand in the high-level fashion life field.

The design team consisted of many designers, as well as the independent research and development team of high-quality fabric and shoes with anti-seismic technology. They worked together to combine the functional aesthetic with the aggressive life style. The strength, flexibility, explosive power, endurance and speed of the game were all different interpretations in the products of PRINCE. The beauty and fierceness of golf, which was inherited from the aristocratic sports, reflected the strength and beauty of the contemporary cultural elites who worshiped freedom.

PRINCE doesn't only have golf. We have a new definition of golf with the combination of fashion elements.

The beauty of PRINCE is limitless. We use infinite imagination to interpret different fashion.

If you love fashion, come to PRINCE to find your aesthetic deduction.




Opening Hours:

10:00 - 22:00


+86 189 1121 7397